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About Full Circle Foods

Established in 1981, Full Circle Foods is a organic produce and health food store located in downtown Kitchener, Ontario.
Our store is located close to the intersection of Queen and Charles St. just about a 100 meters or so from the bus station in downtown Kitchener.

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Vegan Chao cheese

Written by Administrator
Sunday, 06 December 2015 13:13


CHAO Cheese

Product breakthrough!

For years we have been looking for a non-dairy cheese substitute that looked and tasted like real cheese.

It is finally here and unless a omnivore was told in advance - you would think it is real cheese.

This is one of those must-try products!

chao cheese



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Coffee is roasted weekly. Call us for the roasted on dates!
Once you’ve tried fresh roasted coffee, you’ll never go back!

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