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LRT construction update

January 16, 2017

LRT construction update - January 2017 LRT contruction is complete! There is complete and open access to the store.

New store hours

September 11, 2016

As of September 2016, Full Circle Foods has extended our store hours. Full Circle Foods is your local natural and organic grocer. We are now open every Sunday 12:00pm - 5:00pm

Vegan Chao cheese

December 6, 2015

CHAO Cheese Product breakthrough! For years we have been looking for a non-dairy cheese substitute that looked and tasted like real cheese. It is finally here and unless a omnivore was told in…

Mmm..fresh roast coffee!

November 20, 2015

Best freshest coffee beans around! Kitchener Waterloo is in the midst (finally) of a coffee revolution. New cafes are popping up everywhere.We think we lead the way by bringing fresh dated roasted…


November 7, 2015

Sauerkraut, Natural foods made naturally: Sauerkraut - Bubbie's Traditional $8.79 per 750ml jar Sauerkraut - Karthein's Organic Raw Unpasteurized (Beets & Ginger) $5.99 per 375ml jar …

Super concentrated smoothie and drink mix

September 6, 2015

ORGANIC TRADITIONS - Full spectrum concentrated, potent and pure drink and smoothie mix Super concentrated - only 1/8 -1/4 teaspoon required per serving. Choose from Amla Berry, Cinammon or Tumeric…

New product - Organic Sprouted Seed Powder

September 6, 2015

NEW PRODUCT! Organic sprouted seed powder Choice of chia seed, flaxseed or broccoli seed. Seeds are sprouted, dried and milled and are ideal for adding to smoothies and fruit drinks. Can also be…


June 15, 2015

We have a great selection right now of Kombucha flavoured drinks. Kombucha is a much heallthier alternative to soft drinks. Check them out! or call us at 519.744.5331 for pricing.


March 28, 2015

LRT construction - Charles St, downtown Kitchener Yes, construction is starting as of March 30, 2015! Contruction restarts on Charles St. to prepare for our new LRT. Estimated time to complete this…

Store improvements

May 19, 2014

Over the last few years we have changed out and replaced our old freezers and coolers. As of May 2014, all of the 7 original freezers and coolers in the store have been replaced. All the new ones (7)…