Hiring: Store Clerk, Casual Part-Time

Posted on September 12th, 2023

Store Clerk, Casual Part-Time (1 to 4 shifts per month on average)

Note: this position has been filled.

Full Circle is downtown Kitchener’s local and zero-waste grocery store. Since 1981, we have championed local products, zero-waste shopping options, and plant-based foods long before it was cool. We are a living wage employer, and we’re dedicated to decent work practices including fair scheduling, paid sick leave and other job-protected leave policies.

Every team member is trained in a wide variety of tasks. From customer service to receiving deliveries, food preparation to stocking shelves and cleaning, every shift includes a mix of front-of-house and back-of-house tasks. Everyone including the boss mops the floor. We’re a small and versatile team of people who support one another.

As a casual, part-time store clerk, your responsibilities would include:

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Our ideal applicant will have the following characteristics:

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This position has been filled