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Posted on May 21st, 2019 — Recipes · Community

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By: Julia Gogoleva (Co-Owner of Full Circle Foods)

Full Circle Foods is proud to focus on vegan food options in our grocery, bulk, and grab-and-go sections of the store. Whether you're curious about vegan meal idea, or want to try some new products, we can help you find something new & fun for your next recipe.

I started eating vegan a month after Donald Trump won the 2016 US election.

How can somebody who is so thoughtless gain so much power? How can people be okay with his racism, sexism and constant lying?

But as I was feeling so lost about the world, a simple thing became very clear to me: Plants are beautiful. They are vibrant and magical and… pure. Maybe the only pure thing out there. I felt it would bring me more clarity in all the confusion.

That’s when I first felt excited to go vegan. I knew lots of good reasons to do it, but I always avoided going for it. I thought a vegan diet would make food boring. I thought it would be a battle.

Rationally speaking, I love that plant-based eating is essential to decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, and that I avoid the ethically messy act of eating other animals… (not to mention the horrors of industrial animal agriculture.) But for me the most important thing is that it’s spiritually fulfilling to eat vegan. I find orchards gorgeous, I love the feeling of searching for potatoes in the ground, and that all fruit comes from a flower. I feel the opposite about animal sourced foods.

It’s been about 2 years since I’ve gone from vegetarian to vegan. I mess up and cheat sometimes; but I love it. And its anything but boring or a battle for me. It’s fun and fulfilling.

Whatever your reason is, here are some great resources. I highly recommend watching the beginners guides so that you know you are getting all the nutrients you need. The recipe blogs below are mouth-watering. Enjoy your journey!

Getting Started: Great videos that introduce the essentials of vegan nutrition

Sadia and Jenne are fantastic vegan ambassadors. They have plenty more videos on vegan nutrition, we definitely recommend watching as many as possible.

Recipe Blogs I Love:

We must let the people know the amazing variety and flavour vegan food can have! These blogs are trailblazers in vegan deliciousness:

Minimalist Baker

These recipes are simple to make, and are absolutely bursting with intense flavour and variety. Most recipes are vegan, although some are vegetarian.

Oh She Glows

Angela Liddon, the creator of this fantastic blog lives in Oakville, Ontario. Her recipes are rich, delicious and comforting, and are relatively easy to make.

Avant Garde Vegan

If you are looking to have succulent vegan scallops (I’ve made them, they are delicious!), mouthwatering vegan pizza or a hardy vegan steak, this is the blog to go to. Gaz Oakley is a professional vegan chef pushing the limits of vegan culinary creations. His recipes do tend to take longer and are more complicated, I often make them for special occasions.