We have the full range of organic milk.

Check out our selection of skim, 2% and full fat milk - homoginized or not.

We sell milk in glass milk bottles!

TIP: Unhomoginized organic whole milk always makes the best latte.

About Full Circle Foods

Established in 1981, Full Circle Foods is a organic produce and health food store located in downtown Kitchener, Ontario.
Our store is located close to the intersection of Queen and Charles St. just about a 100 meters or so from the bus station in downtown Kitchener.

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Viva la coffee revolucion!

Written by Administrator
Monday, 02 September 2013 00:00

Viva la Revolucion!

Down with overpriced stale coffee!

Full Circle Foods revolutionizes coffee industry in North America.

Since 2007, at our insistence, all  of our coffees ( bulk and packaged) sold in our store must be roast dated so the consumer knows exactly when it was roasted!

...because...freshness means everything!....

Our coffee is roast dated so you know it is fresh!

The revolucion starts here....always insist on roast dates for your coffees!


Fresh organic produce, bulk rices, cereals and grains, raw foods, gluten free foods are available at Full Circle Foods.

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