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We need better containers

Written by Administrator
Monday, 02 March 2009 20:16

There is no doubt that with all of the controversy with food or water being tainted with plastic compounds that we need to go back to basics.

The ideal water container for instance is not plastic but glass!. Nothing high tech about glass , its been around for millenia, but it is the best impervious storage container there is.

As miles and miles of plastic containers have taken over the beverage and food aisles at our local supermarkets, glass containers have become exceedingly rare. For large supermarkets, the disadvantage of glass is that it is heavy and as we all know - breakable.

For health conscience consumers , glass should be given a serious second look..

Full Circle Foods now have 1 gallon glass jugs as a regular stock item that are ideal for storing the most important substance we must consume every day - water.

Given the choice of an identical product stored in glass or plastic, perhaps we should choose glass.

Remember, glass is a recycleable product. make sure your used glass jars and containers go back into the recycling box.!

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