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Full Circle Foods coffee blends

Posted on March 3rd, 2009 — Products

There are two blends available. - Muskoka Morning & Mocha Java

[Editor's note: Mocha Java is available by custom order only. Order your custom roast this week and you will receive it the next week.]

We decided that we needed to find a roaster who could roast coffee to our exacting specifications. Freshness was a primary concern and that meant we needed to find a local roaster who would be willing to supply us with fresh roasted coffee weekly.

A new local company called the Waterloo Coffee Company was also freshness obsessed and we also liked their philosophy of using only organic, fair traded coffee beans – the same mandate that we had at Full Circle Foods for many years.

We tried and liked their Muskoka Morning blend however we thought it would be much better at a different roast level. After several weeks of experimentation, we brought down the roast level to exactly where we wanted it.

A medium roast is the best roast level to reveal the flavour characteristics of each of the coffee origins. Too dark and the coffee tastes and flavours are masked by the roast characteristics. For instance, if you roast way too dark, you will taste charcoal!

Black, oily beans are a sign of burnt coffee beans!

We decided on the medium roast Muskoka Morning because we wanted a “morning style” coffee that was bright and snappy without being too thin and acidic like many doughnut shop coffees. It is a careful blend of at least three coffee origins from Central America. The caffeine level is a tad higher in this blend - just enough to get you going in the morning.

The next blend we created is the most interesting because it is one Full Circle Foods created from scratch. It’s called Mocha Java. It is a long forgotten blend going back to the 19th century. A happy accident of mixing Java coffee beans from Sumatra with Arabian Yemen coffee beans – a perfect marriage of blending a unique Yemen bean with naturally occurring chocolate flavours and a very low acid, full bodied, earthy Java coffee.

Today, we tend to associate Mocha with the addition of chocolate flavours, however Mocha really was the name of an ancient port city in Arabia (now long silted over). The local coffee beans had a distinctive chocolate flavour and forever after we now associate Mocha with chocolate!

Replicating this blend using only fair trade organic coffees is nigh impossible so our exclusive take on Mocha Java consists of 50% Sumatra and 50% Ethiopian Harrar. The roast level is critical and we worked hard with our roaster to get the roast level precisely where we wanted it. We hope you like it..

The Mocha Java is our best dual purpose blend. It is great as an espresso or drip coffee. It is full bodied, smooth and not too acidic. It makes an exceptional latte.