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Mmm..fresh roast coffee!

Posted on November 20th, 2015 — Products

Best freshest coffee beans around!

Kitchener Waterloo is in the midst (finally) of a coffee revolution. New cafes are popping up everywhere.We think we lead the way by bringing fresh dated roasted coffee to Kitchener-Waterloo in 2007.

We strive to offer fresh roast coffee as soon as 1 to 2 days after roasting

That's fresh!

Call us and ask when the next order arrives.

We were told that it couldn't be done, that it did not make business sense but we did it anyway! Full Circle blazes the trail in starting the coffee revolution by demanding roast dated fresh coffee. Yes, it all started here! Any specialty coffee more than 30 days past roast date, gets pulled off the shelf! Yes! we are obsessive about quality!

We insisted on roasted-on dates way back in 2007 so the demanding coffee drinker will know exactly how fresh our coffee is.

Why? because coffee bean freshness counts for everything! Never buy coffee (high priced or not) that doesn't have the roasted date on it - you are likely buying stale coffee! Always ignore expiry dates on bags of coffee. What you really want to know is when it was roasted!

Our custom roasted coffees ( bulk and packaged) are roast dated so you know that the coffee beans are fresh and are at their peak flavour.

Great coffee means using freshly roasted coffee.

Our bulk coffee on tap:

Muskoka Morning: a tri-blend of Central American coffee beans - fair trade, certified organic and roasted locally.

Our bulk FTO ( Fair-Trade Organic) coffee is around $15.00/lb(depending on market fluctuations) an outstanding value for locally roasted, fresh, roast dated coffee.

Buy only what you consume in a week or two!

Full Circle Foods wrote this must-see article on the best way to prepare coffee in a French press; Brew the perfect cup of coffee

Currently we offer selection of fresh roasted pre-packaged coffees to choose from. Each bag is sealed and roast dated so you know exactly when it was roasted!

Social Coffee and Tea -represents our flagship line of premium coffees from this world award winning roaster. How much would you pay for ultra fresh coffee from a world class roaster? Prices start at just over $12.00 per 12 oz package! What an outrageous steal! Social offers several different other types of coffees.Try them all!

Some changes...Eco Coffee is our new in-town bulk specialty roaster. They roast-date their coffee and offer specialty single origin coffees beans. i.e. Sumatra, Ethiopean, etc. Our coffee selection changes regularly. Check with us often!

NEW! We now are offering a brand new line of specialty roast dated coffees from Cafe Cultura. On occasion, they offer micro-lots from Cup of Excellence winners!

We are really liking Social Coffee's "Imperialist Noir" for our morning latte ( new crop Mexico single-origin) Intensely chocolatey nutty and naturally sweet. Mmm!