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We're open 7 days a week for in-store shopping, with social distancing measures, enhanced sanitizing, and a 5-customer capacity limit.

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We offer pick-up and delivery options. Choose from our full selection of fresh produce, grocery, dairy, frozen, bulk, beauty, household, and supplements.

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Order our bulk food and spices in returnable glass jars, along with other zero waste groceries delivered to your door.

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Order groceries and other products from several local stores at once and get them delivered to you the same day. Cart2Curb's LiveCart option lets you chat with the shopper as they get your items.

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Earn 1 point every time you bring a returnable glass jar or bottle back to the store, and when you refill your own container with bulk products. Redeem points towards your in-store purchases.

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13,007 single-use packages saved

(Number of single-use packages saved since February 2021)

When you refill your own container or purchase products in our returnable glass jars and bottles, you can feel good knowing you're part of the solution. Thank you!

We're always trying to make waste-free shopping easier and adding new products in returnable containers.